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What to Say to Comfort a Grieving Person: A Simple Guide by Wade Funeral

Posted 2 years ago

When somebody, we care is dealing with the loss, at the time what they need the most is comfort, support and care. Our words seem lost and we find ourselves in a difficult situation to know what to do or what to say that can comfort them. We don’t want to say anything that can… Read More…

Why Should We Hold a Funeral Service?

Posted 3 years ago

According to the tradition and rituals, it is important that when somebody we love passes away, we should arrange a funeral ceremony in their honor.  A funeral gives relatives and friends a chance to show the respect ad love they feel for someone who was important to them. Why Funeral is Important in the Tradition?… Read More…

Tips For Encouraging Families To Pre-Plan Their Funeral

Posted 3 years ago

Death is a natural phenomenon. No matter how much you afraid, but the fact is every soul will taste death. So, rather than neglecting, it is among the best interests to make arrangements in advance. We know that it can be a difficult subject to talk about, but paying in advance for a funeral can… Read More…

What to do When a Loved One Dies?

Posted 3 years ago

When a loved one dies, it’s one of the traumatic experience. Imagine how you would feel looking at your loved one in a coffin, knowing you can’t hold him/her again, you can’t talk to him/her any more it is the last time you are seeing him/her and being helpless to do anything. Apart from this… Read More…