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Affordable Funeral and Burial Services Miramar fl - Wade Funeral Home Hallandale | Wade Funeral

Types of Funeral Services

Regardless of your cultural or religious persuasion, we can help you with PERSONALIZED services that will capture the essence of you or your loved one… and in a way that will truly give them the honor and dignity that they deserve.

This includes:

Helping you plan the type of service, based upon yours or or your loved one’s faith, including:

  • Funeral ceremony
  • The visitation, wake or viewing
  • A memorial or tribute-type service
  • Graveside services

We can also help you plan the order of events in any service, songs, prayers, and even arrange to provide clergy and musicians.

Types of Burials

Burial has been a traditional means of caring for the physical remains of a loved one for thousands of years. When you choose burial, your loved one may be:

  • Interred in the ground in a regulated cemetery, or if permitted by law, on private property
  • Entombed in a crypt within a mausoleum
  • Buried at sea

Burial is a Personal Decision

Many people choose burial for traditional reasons.

But even if it is not something your family has commonly done over the years, there are many personal reasons that you may opt for burial over cremation.

These reasons could include:

  • Religious preferences
  • Geographical preferences
  • An aversion to cremation
  • Wanting to erect a monument in honor of your loved one
  • Desiring to have a natural location and setting where you can visit

Decisions and Costs

If you think that burial is the right choice for your family, here are some important decisions that you need to make:

  • Do you want the body to be embalmed?
  • Which cemetery are you considering and do they have the space available?
  • What kind of casket or burial vault would you prefer to have?
  • What type of headstone, monument, or grave marker would you prefer?
  • What would you like the headstone, marker, or monument to read?

It is important to know that each one of these decisions carry related expenses that may have an impact on your final decision including:

  • Selection of the casket and protective burial vault that is required by the cemetery you choose
  • Purchasing a cemetery plot if your family does not already have one
    Headstone or grave marker or any other placement fees that may be charged by the cemetery

Each cemetery is governed by their own specific board of directors. This means each cemetery has its own rules, guidelines, and prices.

We understand that this is a lot to take in all at once. That’s why we are here to help.

At Wade Funeral Home, we make ourselves available to you and your family day or night and we will do whatever we can to guide you in taking care of your loved one.

Please feel free to call us at (954) 456-6966 with any questions you may have. Or if you prefer, fill out the quick and convenient contact form and we’ll contact you at your convenience.