Calyne St. Val

05/12/1981 - 10/01/2021

St. Val's Last Inspiring Words

For we walk by Faith, not by sight

When you are truly grateful for something

You tend to value and take care of it.

Taking care of the things that you understand

The value of the gift, if it matters to you

Appreciate the benefits received, expressing

gratitude, gratefulness, thanks, and affording

Pleasure or contentment

Sometimes God will let us be uncomfortable

for a dark, difficult period. So he can bless

us later on. He'll close a door, which we don't like,

but later on He'll open a bigger door. God is not

as concerned about our comfort as he is about our

purpose. There are times when he will shake things

up to force us to change. His goal is not to

make our life miserable ; he's pushing us into our purpose