Emma Jean King Murchison

07/31/1948 - 11/16/2021

TO MY FRIEND, EMMA We often talked about this scheduled date, Knowing our God would someday call us home, Declaring what should be in place, We daily prepared, our departure time unknown. Swiftly, He embraced you first. Your assignment was complete, Earned through your spiritual Faith And leaving me with so much grief. However, our God makes no mistakes. The now silence of our frequent calls Will echo with me from day to day, Knowing you are cradled in our Father's arms. The King family inherits a legacy of love

You've given them as your transition guide, To greet ancestors who stand in wait, As they escort you to the other side. So rest in peace my dear, dear friend. There is joy in the midst of my tears. And I remember the many days, It was your Faith that calmed our fears. We will meet again, someday, When my journey, too, is complete. And until God decides that time, Please save a seat for me.