Graciela Ramirez Gomez

03/29/1940 - 10/20/2021

I'm at Rest

I'm at rest, so don't cry

It'll be easier as time goes by

I've done my best to live a good life

For I knew if I did, I would be with Christ

Please know that I am happy and content

For the things I did wrong, I sincerely repent

As I see your face, that makes me sad

But I have made it, for that, I am glad

You know and I know that it's hard on Earth

So you shouldn't cry at death, but at birth

I have no worries, pain, or fear

Because I'm with God, so dry your tears

I love you all and wish you all well

And this is what I want you to do

Put God first in your lives

And all things will come to you