Margarette Cooley

09/11/1947 - 02/07/2021


Not How did she die, but how did she live? Not what did she gain, but what did she give?

These are the units to measure the worth of a woman as a woman, regardless of birth. Not what was her church, nor what was her creed? But had she befriended those really in need?

Was she ever ready with a word of good cheer, to bring back a smile, to banish a tear? Not what did the sketch in the newspaper say, but how many were sorry when she passed away?

Remind me my Lord, That no matter what I fail to do That there is still hope for me, As long as I have faith in you. Let not my eyes be blinded, By no foul I commit. But help me to regret my wrong And make up for it. Inspire me to put my fears Upon a hidden shelf, And in the future my Lord, Never to feel sorry for myself. Give me restful sleep I need, Before another dawn Bless me in the morning, With courage to keep going on.

Amen Prayer Poem by Charles Simpson

Dear Momma, I will always love my momma she’s my favorite girl the song says… Momma that’s how we feel about you! We will always love you and carry you in our hearts. You’ve given us wonderful memories that will last us a lifetime. We will remember what you’ve taught us, we will reach for others the way you did, and we will seek to be better people because we had a great example. You’ve demonstrated the depth of a mother’s love and we’re grateful. We already miss you so much, and we remember you with respect, with honor and with an everlasting love. We want to tell you Thank You Big Momma! Take your rest now, job well done.

All of our love is for you,

Your Children, grandchildren and great grandchildren